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In a post-modern context, English is the first language through which knowledge is acquired and passed on worldwide. Yet we all know that knowledge is power. If knowledge is power, then our educational systems and curriculums should be framed in such a way that graduates have the necessary skills to secure a job in a view to fighting unemployment and crime, while bridging the gaps between individuals. And this is where GSM comes in.

In our Department, we believe that English is an eye-opener and a sine qua non condition of emancipation and progress. It is the first international language, the language of business and the media. Therefore, anyone seeking to broaden their mind or travel around, as well as every student joining or leaving a university, a vocational school or any other learning center must be fluent—not to say proficient in English. In this regard, we have concocted a wide range of programmes to cater for all needs. We are committed to equipping our learners with all that it takes to help them achieve their dreams.

We can’t wait to have you around.

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